Do As I Say, Not As I Do – Say the AEU

During the Rudd governments term in office the quantity of legitimate strategies could without much of a stretch be depended on one hand – excluding the thumb or little finger.


Of those that are intelligent, for example, the distributing of NAPLAN results dread of disappointment forestalls the arrangement being actualized.

Instructors advise understudies to gain from their errors, request help when required and don’t be worried about misunderstanding something. “We Learn from our slip-ups” is a typical Educational subject.

As per the AEU regarding distributing NAPLAN results – “…league tables are shortsighted and misleading…”

In Australia the AFL is followed more strictly than God, lamentably. 16 groups play every week for a situation in the 16 bar stepping stool. Children are urged to take an interest in Sport and legitimately understudies end up supporting a footy group situated some place on that stepping stool. Regardless of whether it’s a mentor preparing a footy group or an instructor teaching a class, what’s the distinction?

The AEU, in a letter sent home with understudies states – “…League tables will drive schools to contend and zero in additional on lifting the schools normal score and less on individual learning…”

From what I comprehend, Students are not trained Individually all things considered, they are instructed aggregately and reviewed independently.

In Australia the main understudies who get an Individual Education Program (IEP) are those on the high necessities incapacity registar.

Singular understudies in a standard school are unjustifiably marked in the event that they neglect to comprehend a “aggregate educational program”. Presently the AEU fears schools will be unjustifiably marked as fizzling – where should the need be?

I’m certain the Education Union in most of cases do place understudies in the need position however in this occurrence I feel the AEU is shielding educators from feeling disappointment.

Children today are not given enough occasion to “Figure out how to fall flat”. Indeed kids are shielded from disappointment.

Disappointment is something worth being thankful for. Its a sounding board for expanded learning.

Winston Churchill was cited as saying – However excellent the technique, you ought to every so often take a gander at the outcomes.

He likewise said – Criticism may not be pleasant, yet it is essential. It satisfies a similar capacity as torment in the human body. It points out an undesirable situation.

Possibly that is the reason he likewise said…. Never Give up, Never Give up, Never, Ever, Ever Give up!

Eric J. Smith is a certified Horticulturalist and Permaculturalist. Eric expounds on his advantage in numerous zones of Environmental concern and brings into center Changing Economic ideal models. Eric has an enthusiasm for Organic Gardening and Permaculture with an accentuation on the feasible utilization of ecological frameworks.

Eric is the Administrator for Permaculture Connect and works a Permaculture Design and Consultancy Service at Permaculture Lifestyle

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