Madras University

The Board of Madras University was detailed in the year 1840 which is truth be told the forerunner of the Presidency College today. The recorded Charles Wood’s Educational Dispatch

set forth a precise instructive police whereby the University of Madras came into place as an imitation of London University.


With the status of one of the three most seasoned colleges in India (the others being Calcutta University and Mumbai University), Madras University (or the University of Madras) was set up on September 5, 1857. Situated in the city of Madras (presently known as Chennai), the college has five grounds – Marina, Guindy, Chepauk,Taramani and Maduravayal.


There is a plenty of specialization seminars on proposal in more than 50 branches of the college. Then again, all the designing projects of the college were moved to Anna University in 2004. Notwithstanding customary instructing/learning measures, the different divisions attempt research concentrates also.

The Madras University has around 43 outside examination establishments. At some random time, there are more than 8000 understudies tried out various alumni and post-graduate courses of the college. A 300 part solid workforce obliges the inside and out improvement of the understudies.

Graduated class

Maintaining its aphorism “Learning Promotes Natural Talent”, the Madras college has created some critical graduated class whereby a couple of sturdy figures are Dr. Chakravarthi Rajagopalachari, Dr. Sarvapalli Padhakrishnan, Dr. Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, and so forth


A milestone in the city of Madras – the Senate House – is a piece of the college grounds. Established in the year 1869, the Senate House is the main structure of the college and a spot inseparable from Chennai today.

With a mix of Indo-Saracenic, Byzantine and European highlights, the design of the Senate House is intelligent of the astounding past of India.

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