Virtual Environmental Education and Team Building

Riding the Internet I found something new the other night: “virtual natural instruction and group building”. Clearly you can get some pretty wild rides and accomplish some genuine holding without leaving your love seat!

Shockingly, my old pal John McKinstry never got the chance to see it, the Internet that is. He needed to agree to the genuine article. Forty years prior we used to sit together on our sheets at dawn, trusting that the surf will come up. John was among the first to ride the huge waves at Ghost Trees in my old neighborhood of Pacific Grove. He had the fortitude to pursue the substance of those enormous forty footers, well before fly ski pull ins, or rather, pull outs. John pushed the restrictions of the conceivable and was a space traveler on a surfboard. In the same way as other American pioneers he died doing what he cherished most.

I miss John, and a ton of different things that we partook in together, a significant number of which are presently cleared over, however I especially miss his inquiries. Once, as we passed a trade-in vehicle part with a flag publicizing “transportation vehicles”, John solicited me: “What other sort of vehicles are there?” In this time of human instigated environmental change, that remaining parts an incredible inquiry.

So on the off chance that we could solicit John whether the experience from wild nature, or holding with your kindred individuals, can truly be supplanted with computer generated reality, what might he say? Besides, we should ask ourselves that inquiry. Be that as it may, before we answer, maybe we ought to request that our children tear their consideration away from their computer games, TV shows, PCs and phones and ask them as well.

Neuroscientists would now be able to offer different reasons why the appropriate response would be, in any event for the present, no. Recollections made in the regular world are especially clear, durable and multi-tangible. In spite of the fact that people are one-sided toward sight, recollections coming about because of tangible contribution from hear-able sources commonly last more, and olfactory sources significantly more. At the point when I recall John dropping in on one of those beast waves I don’t simply observe him, I hear the thunder and feel the vibration, taste the salt air, and smell the decaying ocean growth on the sea shore.

Something different transpires. I get butterflies in my stomach, like I excessively was falling, abruptly weightless, down the substance of the wave. These are my “reflect” neurons, the one that work in giving us our capacity to see how others feel and which set down especially enduring, complex and nuanced memory plots. I actually care about and sympathize with John on that wave, similarly as I completed forty years prior.

I think we have recently summarized the pith of experiential learning. Regardless of whether we could make an “application” for ecological training and group building, I question it would be as ground-breaking as the genuine article. Over and again we get with our members, “that was the most stunning thing I have ever done and I will always remember it!” Right on, the surf’s up.

Scott Underwood

Proprietor, Mother Lode River Center

Raft and Ropes Along the American River

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