Why the Need to Renew School Mission Today?

During the most recent decade of a century ago, the world has seen an unrecorded rapid logical and mechanical upheaval which affected all parts of life and achieved gigantic changes described by the quickness of their spread,

predominantly in the area of schooling and preparing. Clearly, schools – in created and agricultural nations are no longer what they used to be.

In this regard, training partners in Tunisia have foreseen the troubles that would definitely emerge because of these enormous changes, by profoundly thinking about the issue of the reestablished mission of the school in a world bound to observe profound changes influencing the structure of society and information, the strategies for work and the methods for creation.

That is the reason, we can see that the instructive framework in our nation is seeing a profound change development to cling to a general public where great information has become the reason for people groups’ turn of events and the reason for their invulnerability and quality.

Innovative changes have presented – and keep on presenting genuine difficulties to class, which needed to critically rethink its targets, techniques and means. As a reaction to these difficulties, chiefs in the area of instruction have given instructive change an unmistakable degree among their occupations and focused on it to update rapidly the instructive framework. Indeed, change re-imagined the certainties and missions of school, established mandatory and free fundamental tutoring, and rebuilt auxiliary instruction, in a way that makes Tunisian training unflinchingly turned towards what’s to come. Overhauling instructive HR, official schedules and methods of executing the new change are essentially the 3 procedures attempted to stay up with the latest. It’s a given that we know about the challenges we are confronted with; it’s a fight which needs conviction, persistence, duty and above all difference in mindsets. In spite of some gradualness and hesitance – very ordinary toward the start of each change-the cycle is in progress.

Since future-situated schools require the authority of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as instruments to get to the advanced society of information, we have taken them both as a way to refresh our instructive framework and as a ground-breaking educating and learning accomplice. The incorporation of ICT in instructing learning measures has become a trademark that anxieties what is known as the Tunisian visionary methodology which means to lead individuals towards a superior future where everybody has an offer, a job and a position. These advances speak to a key decision in our future-arranged schools and they intend to:

* be utilized as an instructing help to help students,

* access different fields of information,

* guarantee strong general instruction in every fundamental field.

Aside from furnishing our instructive establishments with PCs and Internet association and coordinating ICT in our regular school rehearses, we are adding to the improvement of separation training through the Tunisian Virtual School (TVS) which has been dispatched since 2002. The TVS gives its clients – understudies and instructors with free intelligent courses and preparing instructional exercises to assist them with improving their vis-à-vis schooling.

All things considered, in the space of ICT-based instruction, there are still difficulties on the individual, public and worldwide levels that should be defeated on the grounds that the exhibition of training framework is not, at this point estimated by the size of the school-going populace or measure of assets apportioned to it, however by the proportion between those took a crack at school and the individuals who leave and have encountered great learning.

Secondary School English Teacher, ICT Trainer, Collaborative Projects Coordinator.

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