Why Your Children, Wards Should Attend St George Comprehensive College

Schooling is the best heritage guardians and watchmen could pass on to their kids and wards, both in creating and created nations.

This is just evident if guardians and watchmen know and like the drawn out qualities and advantages of training and are along these lines arranged to forfeit their current solaces for the schooling of their kids or wards.

Our kids and wards are the heads of tomorrow thus, we as guardians and watchmen should sustain them to significance, despite the fact that schooling at whatever level isn’t modest.

The United Nations Children’s Education Fund, (UNICEF), was set up 11 December 1946, by the United Nations to meet the crisis needs of kids in post-war Europe and China and across the whole world.

In any case, UNICEF said in Nigeria with an expected populace of 200 million individuals, 10.5million youngsters in our nation are not going to schools, saying that “one in each five of the world’s out-of-younger students are from Nigeria”.

Essential instruction is authoritatively supposed to be free and mandatory, but then youngsters between the ages of 5-14 years are meandering the roads in Nigeria, malnourished, debilitated, and out-of-school, asking for offerings.

Allow us to come clean with ourselves, there are unregistered, amateurishly run, unfit and mushroom schools in creating and created nations of the world.

There are likewise expertly run and exceptional schools in Nigeria and somewhere else.

Despite the fact that the UNICEF measurement isn’t restricted to Nigeria alone, as the United States of America, United Kingdom and other created nations likewise have something reasonable of the figures of youngsters not going to schools.

Free checks and confirmation anyway indicated that there are more than 20million kids and young people in schools at the nursery, essential, auxiliary and tertiary establishments in our darling nation.

Notwithstanding, in Nigeria, one of the numerous schools making a fabulous showing is situated along the Lagos-Abeokuta pivot of Ifo, in Ogun state and established by, Pastor G. O Odunoye, who is likewise the Executive Director.

The schools: St George Comprehensive College and St George Foundation School, are supporting kids to future significance and consequently helping the public authority at different levels to connect the training hole.

A visit by this essayist to his school situated at Plot 13, Abeokuta-Lagos Expressway, inverse The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Ashimolowo, Bungalow, Ifo in Ogun State, Nigeria, uncovered a school established and run on God with discipline as the watchword for each understudy, staff and the administration.

His words: “Putting resources into the schooling of your kids or wards is an advantageous venture that will undoubtedly get abundant returns in speculations with time”.

Along these lines, the UNICEF 10.5 million youngsters out of school calls for concern and this is the explanation we set up our school to overcome any barrier and join forces with government at different levels to help increase the expectations on our instructive area.

In any case, getting the correct school to form the personality of your youngsters, utilizing God as the establishment with discipline as a back-up, requires significant investment, assets, and endeavors.

We, at St George Foundation School, the crèche , nursery and elementary school arm and St George Comprehensive College, the optional school arm, both have the stuff to collaborate with guardians and watchmen in supporting their youngsters and wards to significance.

“In as much as we love all understudies similarly in the school, we won’t stop for a second to rebuff any understudy engaged with any type of indispline or social indecencies”. Minister Odunoyo is an attempted and tried godly man from The Apostolic Church overlay and he said as of late that “tons of petitions have supported the school since it was set up”.

The dread of God, difficult work, discipline, truly, energy, high moral norm, mental sharpness, flexibility, are a portion of the catchphrases the schools are noted for.

The vision, mission, and theory of the school is secured on utilizing the best and current instructing techniques to get ready understudies for different undertakings later on, creating genuine disapproved of people in both learning and characters for future administrative roles and endeavoring to lay high moral norms and strict direction for the understudies.

Emmanuel Udom, a columnist, analyst, content author and instructor could be reached on: or 2348027066807(sms only,pls)

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